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Experience & trust

We produce beverages for top global brands and supermarket chains

In the last three decades, Krynica Vitamin has grown from a family business to a company that operates on international markets, listed on the warsaw stock exchange. The company’s ceo is its founder and majority shareholder. Given the above, Krynica Vitamin should be seen as a family enterprise whose consistent strategy and short decision-making process enable dynamic expansion to any market in the world. Today, products manufactured at Krynica Vitamin are available in 38 countries on all continents.

Almost three decades of experience turned us into a leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the sector of producing soft drinks and low-alcohol beverages. A modern production plant is not only filling lines, but also an advanced development department thanks to which Krynica Vitamin provides services in three categories. Our client’s recipes are followed to the strictest detail and standard, but we also build our own library of drinks, which are ahead of market trends thanks to their innovative recipes, and finally compose new unique products to meet client needs.

Every year, our five production lines put on the market over 400 million cans and bottles of beverages under different brands. Our plant consists of modern machinery furnished with top quality equipment. In 2016 we opened an upgraded canning line, at the end of 2018 and in early 2019 we commissioned a PET line, while in 2020 we started a glass line. The manufacturing facility employs nearly 300 people.

The vast range of products consists of energy and functional drinks, metabolism boosting beverages, and diet vitamin supplements. The range of products also includes flavored waters, modern multifruit drinks, alcopops, and CSDs. We are particularly proud of our coffee drinks which are produced using the latest technology for this type of products.

Our mission

Top quality in production and service based on experience, modern machinery, and a team of experts.

Our vision

Comprehensive company development leading to becoming a leader on the world market of contracted beverage production.

Find out our values

Maximizing potential

Our philosophy is continuous production improvement and fast response to market needs. If we see potential for growth we always choose development. In our strategy we have vast space for new capabilities and opportunities that we always try to exploit, aspiring to becoming a world leader in the industry.

Local support

We are a company with majority Polish shareholding. Our production plant is located near the eastern border of Poland in Huszlew municipality, where we are the largest employer. We employ nearly 300 people, often whole families – married couples and parents with grown up children. We look after the development of our employees by investing in external and internal training that improves individual qualifications and team competencies.

Global reach

A massive 60% of all orders are delivered to foreign clients, which proves that the quality of our service and production matches Western leaders in the industry. With staff costs lower than in Western European countries, we maintain world class standards surprising our clients with innovations and the highest level of handling orders.

Going towards less waste

Pursuing environment protection, we are constantly striving to minimize the use of plastic in secondary and tertiary packaging, and to use recycled materials. Additionally, step by step we are introducing procedures limiting the use of natural resources.

Highest quality without risk

The highest quality of the final product is our number one priority. Thus, we have reduced the risk of any quality errors to a minimum, giving our clients the guarantee of a world-class standard.

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