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125k unique cans to get a second life - Krynica Vitamin

26 Sep 2022

125k unique cans to get a second life

Tens of thousands of isotonic drinks were distributed to athletes in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Latvia as part of efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle and recycling of aluminium packaging. After use, each aluminium can was recycled.  The Recal Aluminium Packaging Recovery Foundation has teamed up with beverage manufacturer Krynica Vitamin as part of its Every Can Counts initiative.
The cooperation has resulted in the production of a total of 125 thousand 250 ml cans containing a mixed fruit flavour, non-carbonated isotonic drink. They will hit more than 100 sporting events this year.  Can graphics promote a healthy lifestyle, physical activity  and expressing concern for  the planet  through recycling.

“As part of the international Every Can Counts campaign, we have promoted the recycling of aluminium packaging used at big events for years, by ensuring both effective collection and educating people. We are very pleased that Krynica Vitamin has joined us in this project”, said Jacek Wodzisławski, the President of the Recal Foundation. “Thanks to the distribution of a limited series of drinks, conducted  during targeted sporting events, we effectively reach more people with our message”, he added.

The limited series cans were provided by packaging manufacturer Ardagh Group. Beverage producer Krynica Vitamin, which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is responsible for filling and storing cans at its own expense.

“We mainly use aluminium cans in beverage production. This type of packaging is very versatile, lightweight in transport and extremely environmentally friendly, as aluminium can be recycled indefinitely. Recycling is not only about taking care of the planet, but it also has a business dimension, as the shorter the path from waste separation to the manufacturer, the smaller the carbon footprint and lower the manufacturing costs. Therefore, segregation of waste is extremely important, especially in an era of persistent disruption in supply chains, high transportation costs and high prices of primary raw materials”, said Tomasz Kułakowski, spokesman for Krynica Vitamin SA.
Cans containing beverages made by Krynica Vitamin are distributed free of charge to participants in large sporting events, as well as conferences and industry events promoting the recycling of aluminium beverage cans.

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