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After three decades of creating and filling
non-alcoholic beverages we developed know-how
that is hard to match by other companies.

Over this time we specialized in beverage production,
at the same time gaining vast and practical knowledge
in producing recipes given by client, but also in
creating own, unique flavor compositions.

Today we can offer our client a whole range of services – from filling to comprehensive creation of a new brand. experts from our laboratory not only follow market trends, but are also forerunners who create fashion and demand on the basis of consumer research.

The year 2020 is full of proposals revolutionizing the current concept of an energy drink. And at the same time we respond to customer needs related to reduced sugar content, health-enhancing supplements, or vegan ingredients.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a beverage for coffee lovers and connoisseurs

Its unique flavor comes from long hours of “brewing” coffee grains in room temperature water. As a result, the beverage has no sour notes, and since it is consumed cold, it is extremely refreshing and invigorating. The ready-to-drink formula perfectly meets expectations of all consumers who lead an intensive life and need an energy boost. Thanks to an innovative pack (called the nitro can), the product offers an exceptional tongue, smoothness, and creamy texture. The coffee tastes and smells as if created by a professional barista.

Cold Brew with lemonade

Cold brew with added lemon is a bold combination for those inspired by the fusion style who seek remarkable flavor compositions. Fruity notes soften the taste of coffee, while citrus hints surprise and refresh, turning this variant into a slightly more delicate version of the classic Cold Brew. Meeting expectations of aware consumers we reduced sugar and created a 100% vegan composition.

Flavored waters

Recently, the market reported increased consumption of flavored waters.

The popularity of flavored waters is growing every year. In addition to classic tastes like lemon or strawberry, Krynica Vitamin offers completely new, intriguing ones. Among unique proposals customers will find lime, lemon grass, or cucumber.


Lemonades celebrate their great come-back.

Traditional lemonade has always been in the game, and will always be popular. The legendary image of lemonade or home-made compote are a memory from childhood from the past. That is exactly the taste of lemonades developed by our process engineers. It is a great come-back to granny’s garden in which we will find gooseberry, mirabelle plum, and rhubarb but also more innovative flavours combined with herbal notes.

Functional drinks

The market develops in the functional direction.

The contemporary consumer desires not only to quench thirst, but also replenish health-required supplements with a drink. Therefore in our offer we have, so called, functional drinks providing human body with additional elements, like vitamins, caffeine, guarana extract, or melatonin for a good night’s rest.

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