Production Plant - Krynica Vitamin


Our production plant is located ca. 140 km from Warsaw, Poland, in an area with a very good transportation network, in the town of Dziadkowskie-folwark (huszlew municipality).

The plant’s modern machinery is our strength and showcase. We have fully automated lines for producing packs of different types and formats: cans, as well as PET and glass bottles.

5 modern
production lines

Thanks to a number of carefully planned and implemented investments from 2016 to 2019 our machinery is one of the newest and most modern in this part of Europe. Production lines commissioned in successive years come from leading global suppliers, with ongoing technical and professional support. As a result we are on the forefront of continuously changing know-how in the area of beverage production.

In 2016 we commissioned 2 new lines – both dedicated to aluminum packs. Not even two years later, in 2018, we started two new lines: a canning one, and a line for packaging beverages in PET bottles. In 2020 we completed the last investment – a glass-pack line.

Out of all current projects the most important and complicated one is the startup of a fully automated syrup room that will service all production lines in the plant.

Our production infrastructure consists of a can- and bottle-sleeving line, and also a shrink-film and cardboard box packer.


In the beginning of 2019 we opened a new warehouse with a total area of 29,000 sq m. At the same time we commissioned an automatic system transporting pallets from production lines to the warehouse.

With our vast warehousing facilities we can offer our customers the service of keeping stock of their beverages. The number of available loading bays was increased to 9. This is a sufficient number to streamline and shorten the loading time at Krynica Vitamin.

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