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Research & development

An integral part of the company

The research and development department forms an integral part of our company, ensuring that our knowledge about beverages is not limited to just filling and packaging.

We employ a team of experts who analyze product compositions, create and test new recipes, track world trends, and carry out consumer research.

Thanks to intensive work of our specialists, every year Krynica Vitamin launches interesting proposals. In 2020 they include coffee beverages, lemonades, exotic flavored waters, and functional drinks.

300 projects
a year

Every year we implement ca. 300 new projects for our partners under their trade brands, of which 10% are recipes created from scratch for our partners, while ca. 25% are recipes from our extensive recipe library.

The remainder (ca. 65%) are recipes given to us by our clients. This high indicator shows complete trust that our clients have in us – trust in our processes, quality, and people.

At the forefront of world trends

Thanks to the synergy from combining the production base and intellectual potential of our r&d department we bring innovative products to the market and support clients in that area.

The vast experience gained in the food industry of the R&D department gets support from state-of-the-art facilities of our Research and Development Center furnished with modern equipment thanks to which we do not need to use external laboratories for analysis purposes.

The research and development center can perform the following range of tests:

  • Caffeine level analysis
  • Preservative level analysis
  • Quinine level analysis
  • Pantothenic acid level analysis
  • Niacin level analysis
  • Vitamin c level analysis

Market trends are strongly reflected in the projects we implement.

For example, in 2018 we carried out mainly CSD and energy drink projects, however, already then we picked up a growing interest in ice coffee and alcopop-type beverages. Looking at 2019 and 2020 one can clearly notice that consumers shift their preferences towards those products, with ice coffee growing by 7 pp, and alcopops by 9 pp. We also see a strong drive towards low-sugar and no-sugar beverages.

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