Sustainable development - Krynica Vitamin


The idea of sustainable business is particularly close to us, and stems from the family roots of the company. economic development goes hand in hand with care for the local community and the natural environment.

Mutual respect, honesty, and tolerance are foundations on which we build relations in our teams. The sum of these good practices turns us into an increasingly better employer and reliable business partner.

Recycled raw materials

The idea of using recycled raw materials also applies to metal and glass. The advantage is that such materials can be recycled numerous times without loss of quality.

Our suppliers take every effort to maximize recycling efficiency, which in practice means that the recycling rate is 81% for glass waste, and 74.5% for aluminum packs.

Trusted trading partners

We communicate the idea of responsible business both among employees, and trading partners. It is one of the criteria used for supplier selection, as it is our deepest desire to make sure that respect for the environment and for people unites everybody who works for us.

Equal opportunities

We are convinced that the competencies of an employee are based on his or her experience and not on gender.

At Krynica Vitamin we guarantee equal opportunities to both women and men, and note that 55% of key managerial positions are held by females.

Facing the crisis

In the face of a crisis we respond dynamically and effectively. In the light of the global outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic we started up an unused production line to manufacture a hand sanitizer.

The Hygea Med sanitizer became our response to local market needs caused by the coronavirus pandemic threat. Watching closely the developments in Poland and the world we gave top priority to the production of a disinfectant, to provide customers and consumers with a product for personal protection.

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